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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  August 12, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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going to come back. advisers to both romney and president obama made the rounds shows. unday talk r picking paul ryan says we are going to choose someone facing the challenges we confront as a country in providing solutions and answers things. >> i think it will help further define the race. it hasn't shaken up the race. they had one more stop on sunday before splitting up. >> the big question that many wondering, will ryan benefit romney's came pain. the question i asked a politico. >> this is a bold choice by mitt romney who is known for being cautious. dramatic choice. shaking up the race has been running against president obama's
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records. more of a vision on.un vision could be controversial. >> it means he concedes florida, a population of 70% elderly voters. he is not conceding florida. florida is a very important for mitt romney to win but a large elderly population and bet the obama campaign going to work very hard to seniors very aware of some of paul ryan's proposals on medicare and social security saying if it doesn't affect them right now, look at what he is trying to do to the program. >> a lot of people are saying bold and on was of the early because were trending. a fox news poll that had romney nine points behind president. you have a sense of what the are looking like going yesterday's announcement,
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correct? > correct. that's right. all summer en tight had a bit of obama a lead in some of the more polls. so we have the political university gton going round poll that is to be released tomorrow. >> turn to politico tomorrow morning, of course. t we have specific numbers out. pole was taken before named but i think has interesting implications now he is going to be the vice presidential candidate. advantage on s an economy. he and ryan is known for his really help. can >> you see the numbers there. that's right. mitt romney has an edge there see paul ryan helping the obama campaign will hit back hard. advantage, romney and that's an area where paul ryan may be able
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him.lp he is known to be a serious their. for the middle sounds like a trick question because that's what the on.ident has been running >> that's an area where obama's already started paul ryan. they don't care about the middle class. an interesting edge for president obama. to ignore a poll one is -- i is to't think there is any need this right now because that will completely change with race. the social security and medicare, expect to hear a lot about those topics. for obama in this poll. both to hit those issues hard. politics now, maryland's special session on expanding gaming in the state is up.cted to wrap senate has given to a bill approval that would legalize table games
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and allow a new casino at national harbor in prince county. dozen members met on saturday. special session resumes tomorrow. denial in july and criticized response, pepco will file for another increase this fall. at a public service commission hearing in montgomery county, some customers got to vent. were without power a week following a power outage and this isn't the time to be asking for cash. it's a punch in the stomach. override it. >> pepco says it needs the money to rebuild an old and crumbling nfrastructure. last week's scare in the air over reagan national airport is
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the way business is airports. f.a.a. will suspend opposite s. ection the miscommunication over reversing the flow of traffic on led to an ly accident. under way. ation is a solution could come this week to a parking problem that some people are having to the new post office on wisconsin avenue in bethesda. people are parking where they are getting toed. >> if you are heading into the post office, don't park. warning signs say, no parking. security guard to you. horrible. ly i have been going all the way over to democracy boulerd because they have a parking garage and parking lot. >> i drove around and around and
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around the block and i then gave . customers told us even if you meter, you may have to get across a hectic wisconsin avenue. this is verizon wireless parking. i was in a different store two hours this morning. problem started when the office started two locations. both had parking. a spokesman says the sale of sites will bring in $9 two years. into the agreement had the same as the previous enant. turns out that wasn't the case. negotiations are under and an announcement on a
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solution could come any day now. way to save money back-to-school clothes but hate to look for the sales? we'll tell you where you can go tomorrow and save money without scouting for sale signs. we are looking at a quiet and evening. we have some showers and thunderstorms in the upcoming forecast. will
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look at some of the stories coming up this week. accused of killing 12 people aurora, colorado will be at center of a hearing. privacy, ient whether the contents of a package delivered holmes' psychiatrist are protected. against penn's former athletic director are expected forward this week. and closer to home, a break for all of us especially in the tough economic times. today through august 18, you can buy items for $100 and not have to pay a state tax. you have to do it in maryland. it's called shop maryland week and designed to encourage their to do
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shopping atol shoot maryland stores. a local hardware store owner is building a case against a giant. story attracted our attention and that of the federal government. big guns, steve is coming up with a look at your forecast. see the federal hot minute. justification often given for a federal agency to implement a computer slougs is savings they'll realize in budget. we reported, this study commissioned, analyzed 11 sizes tions of various and concluded they spent 70% less moving to the cloud. counter the article, the
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>> if you have been enjoying this hot and sticky summer, you going to be disappointed. >> we have changes on the way as through the middle of and toward the end of august, we are looking toward that shift of temperatures. one of those shifts has arrived. thought it was less humid, nearly as bad as it was yesterday. now, our ht
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slowly cooling. degrees was the high earlier day. 72. ng low was it's now 78 at the airport. winds have changed direction, more out of the north at 6 miles per hour and we are slightly cooler into the region and clearing skies. degrees at national park this our. southwest d.c., 71 degrees. and in gainsville, looking at 74. to the mperatures off us. of mainly cool skies in cumberland. out to western maryland, 69. air will remain to the north and west but our mperatures tomorrow will rebound back to the mid to upper 80's. moving out of now area.
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watching a cold front upper midwest and this sweeps across our area late giving us a chance for chances for showers. rebound back es into the 80's with cooler air on weekend. lows tomorrow. in gaethers berg. and looking at temperatures in middle 60's. quick warm-up. highs in the mid to upper 80's. the clouds begin to thicken. with the clouds, scattered thundershowers. into the 80's ll and cool things off. range in temperatures for the hours, upper 50's. closer towards the chesapeake to partly sunny
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omorrow. and extended outlook, cooler air. seen daytime high temperatures for a couple of in the lower 80's. sunday, we will look for the cooler temperatures. it could be cloudy and side. we might have to alter our temperatures to the upper 70's. updated. you those are all beautiful things. call it a case of david versus goliath but the owners of a local
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that's 1.866.569.3467. contact the verizon center for customers with disalities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. say goodbye to your old technology. welcome to life on fios. ♪ a well known mom and pop hardware store in springfield could soon disappear. >> an institution for more than 60 years -- come here. hardware in to run out is about f gas. >> we are running on fumes. the store. stand to lose just about everything. house.d lose our >> he said he bought the store the fishers three years ago and ace hardware convinced him making it an ace franchise would profits.oost
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>> we were set up to fail. suing ace. >> look, here are the numbers whatever it takes to get this through. >> the suit alleges ace used the numbers without his to give them a loan. and got the small business to guarantee that loan with taxpayer money. opened up but it immediately hemorrhaged under ace's faulty merchandise system. >> he had it. >> they spiraled into bankruptcy and laid off 70% of its staff. my fingers crossed. prayer every night. discovered he's not
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alone. lot have failed. a lot of people are suing. >> a class action lawsuit have like fishers and could lot of fan chase owners nationwide. connolly has called robust investigation. they said they will prevail would not er but lawsuits. other trying to mers are stay loyal, even though shelves increasingly bare. it's a shame. >> it will be sad, very sad. >> and he can only hold on for months.two or three it's heartbreaking. say if they win the will use any save the store. ace will be in court in a week. posted.ep you


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